Goyu Ryu Grading Syllabus: Sample videos

Gekisai Dai Ichi Video

Gekisai Dai Ichi: The kata

This is the first of twelve kata …

Gekisai Dai Ichi walk-through video

Gekisai Dai Ichi: A walk through

Step-by-step look at each stage …

Gekisai Dai Ichi bunkai video

Gekisai Dai Ichi: Bunkai

Each application is explained in …

Gekisai Dai Ichi kakie video

Gekisai Dai Ichi: Kakie

Applications in kakie form are …

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We provide instruction on all the IOGKF/EGKA katas, bunkai (applications) and kakie (close combat).

Sensei Ernie is the IOGKF Vice Chief instructor (Japan) and the EGKA Chief Instructor (England).

Only the kata and walk through videos are accessible on this sample page. To view the bunkai and kakie videos you will need to subscribe.

Gekisai Dai Ichi Kata

This is the first of the twelve Gojo Ryu katas normally introduced to 9th Kyu students.

You will need a direct or WiFi broadband connection to view the sample kata video above. You should be able to view it on a PC or Apple IPad/iPhone.